Along with a variety of the classic cinema snack options like popcorn, soda, and candy. The Fox Theatre is also happy to offer organic juices, and vintage style cane sugar soda. As a licensed cinema we are also excited to offer a variety of locally produced craft beer, and wine. If there is something you'd like to see us offer at the Fox, please let us know.

Our Beers

Steamwhistle (Pilsner)

Steam Whistle Pilsner is characterized by a floral hoparoma, sweet graininess with distinctive grassy notes, and balanced by a clean, crisp finish and pleasant lingering bitterness.

Nickle Brook Naughty Neighbour APA

For hop lovers, the huge citrus and pine aroma greets the nose and continues on the palate, leaving a remarkably easy-drinking beer with a crisp, dry finish. We pack all this great flavour into a drinkable 4.9%ABV brew, making it perfectly refreshing all year round!

Nickle Brook Cause and Effect Blonde Ale

A relationship between a set of factors is the Cause. The resulting causal nexus of these factors leads to a phenomenon, which is the Effect. In the case of Cause & Effect Blonde, it’s the dynamic
combination of malts, balanced with bright hoppiness,which creates a remarkably flavorful, yet easy drinking Blonde ale.
Discover the phenomenon today!

Nickle Brook Half Bastard Stout

When it comes to creating our miracles of science, we don’t accept any half measures...until now. Meet our Half Bastard Stout! It may be light on alcohol content, but not when it comes to flavour, body and aroma. It’s packed with rich chocolate, light roast and sweet maltiness, but it remains incredibly smooth and drinkable. Say hello to our little Bastard friend! No additives. No preservatives. Just science!

Nickle Brook Le Payson Saison

Le Paysan Saison - We bring you a taste of Belgium with Le Paysan Saison. This style originated from the farms of rural France and Belgium, where it served to refresh workers as they toiled in the fields over the hot summer months. We warm-ferment our Saison, which gives rise to many distinct fruity flavours. The initial malt flavour gives way to a crisp, dry finish with a lingering spiciness. The result is a remarkably smooth, refreshing beer that anyone can enjoy in the hot summer months!

Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance Blonde Ale

Saint of Circumstance is our go-to, easy drinking, any occasion brew. We started by creating this tasty blonde ale using wheat for its lemony flavour and added Citra, Centennial and Amarillo hops. We took it to a whole new level by adding the zest of seasonal citrus. The result, a remarkably refreshing and balanced citrus blonde ale.

Collective Arts Rhyme & Reason Pale Ale

Our ʻRhyme & Reasonʼ Extra Pale Ale showcases the very best hops have to offer, but at only 5.7% abv. It’s far more sessionable than your typical American IPA. The flavour and aroma of Citra, Centennial, Chinook and Simcoe hops prevail without excessive bitterness for maximum drinkability. Malt sweetness in the background complements the hops for a crisp finish that will make you keep going back for more!

Pommies Farmhouse Cider

Pommies Farmhouse is a deliciously
crisp and refreshing cider made from 100% Ontario apples. It is country crafted with Northern pride in the hills of Caledon, Ontario. At 6%, Pommies Farmhouse is dry, medium bodied with a fresh apple aroma. A smooth taste, with a rustic feel, Pommies is richly carbonated with an edge. Like all Pommies ciders, Farmhouse is gluten free, with no artificial flavouring or colouring, and does not contain concentrate.

Our Wines

  • Gerardo Cesari 2015 Pinot Grigio

    Fresh, fruity nose, a brilliant pale straw color, a clean taste, with a mouth-filling texture and a crisp finish.

  • Vigneti Del Salento 2015 Negroamaro

    Ruby red color with purple hues, intense, vinous, fruity, with notes of black berries (black currants and berries). Medium bodied,
    velvety, very good, balance between freshness and warm feelings, with a long persistance and savoury.