Chase those January blues away with some Keaton Laugh Therapy. Buster is back in one terrific comedy full of his trademark comedy stunts including one heck of a finale.

A young naive Buster travels back to his southern ancestral homestead to receive his inheritance. Well, the mansion and plantation weren't "quite" what he was looking for but it doesn't matter because he found the girl of his dreams instead.
It turns out that his inheritance has one more thing in store--an old fashioned family feud with, you guessed it, the family of his new love. They have Buster in their sights---shotgun sights that is. From wacky railway trains to a spectacular waterfall rescue, Keaton's special blend of humour and stunts will sure to spell an end to any January blues you might have. Bring the kids, this one's for the whole family.

TSFF regular Jordan Klapman is here to provide lively accompaniment.