Made on the cusp between silent and talkie eras, Lonesome’s heart rests firmly in silent film techniques. Lost for decades, this beautifully restored film is one of the truly last silent masterpieces produced in the USA.
The extroverted humanity of New York comes at a high cost for some and never more so than our two young souls. The fast pulse of the city, the pressures of being constantly surrounded by people, always rushing, never connecting is something which we, as 2019 city dwellers, can relate to. Being lonely in a crowd is not a modern construct.
With homages to Metropolis, Man with a Movie Camera and The Crowd, Lonesome humanizes the city experience through Mary and Jim as they try to hold onto their dreams amidst the stresses of mass culture expectations. They meet by chance and, attracted to one another, go to Coney Island on a whim (gorgeously photographed with hand coloured lights at night) but lose each other in the crowds. Will they ever find each other again? A touching, funny and bittersweet romance tale. Due to some minor dialogue scenes, this film will be screened with its original musical soundtrack.
$15 -$13 Fox Members