Do you hear that distant screaming? It's the sound of hordes of Beatles fans descending on the Fox Theatre for the first film in our series celebrating the onscreen antics of the Fab Four!

And what better way to start the fun than with the film that captured John, Paul, George, and Ringo-mania at its very height!

In this deliriously entertaining romp, the bandmates play wily, exuberant versions of themselves, capturing the astonishing moment when they officially became the singular, irreverent idols of their generation and changed music forever.

Directed with raucous, anything-goes verve by Richard Lester and featuring a slew of iconic pop anthems, including the title track, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “I Should Have Known Better,” and “If I Fell,” the film re-established the rules of the movie musical and exerted an incalculable influence on the music videos of the near future.

Don't miss your chance to shriek at the screen and dance in the aisles!