We're having a retro beach party at the Fox this summer and everyone's invited!

Of course, it's only fitting that we kick things off with the original BEACH PARTY starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon!

In this first of seven(!) films, an anthropologist (Robert Cummings) visits a California beach at the height of surf season to observe the mating habits of the average American teen.

In the mix are Frankie (Avalon), Dolores (Funicello) and their group of wild friends who are determined to make this summer the most far out of their lives.

Why spend the day at the actual beach when you have the chance to sit in a dark theatre, eat popcorn and groove along with the coolest group of teens to ever hit the sand?

We will also be serving up delicious Malibu Bay Breeze cocktails (which you can pre-order with your ticket!)

Don't miss out on this "singin' and surfin' mad musical ball!" Tickets on sale now!