Beyond Argento: Exploring the Giallo Film

Blood & Black lace

Named after the yellow (giallo in Italian) covers of the murder mysteries published by Mondadori, the Giallo film genre is awash in fetishistic imagery; killers dressed in black, stalking glamorous-looking victims through baroque architecture, featuring groovy soundtracks by legendary composers like Ennio Morricone. These films offer a heady mixture of sex, horror and suspense; at their best, taking excess to a hypnotic level. For many fans, these films were popularized in the works of writer-director Dario Argento, whose name is synonymous with the genre, thanks to such films as THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE and DEEP RED.

For many, Argento’s super stylized, slick, and ultra violent take was the final word on this mode of filmmaking. Our new series Beyond Argento will take audiences beyond this entry point, exploring other major players, like Sergio Martino, Lucio Fulci, Massimo Dallamano and of course Mario Bava. Deserving of recognition for their exceptional Giallo films, these filmmakers helped pave the way for the American slasher and crime/thriller genres.

Festival Start Date
June 7, 2018
Festival End Date
August 31, 2018