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The Fox Film Canon is a monthly celebration of movies we at The Fox consider among the greatest of all time. Age, box office, popularity, do not dictate these choices but rather their quality, importance, and influence. We encourage you to revisit an old favourite, or to join ...
Festival Start Date
April 25, 2018
Festival End Date
December 31, 2018

Cinema Trivia at The Fox

Join us for our first instalment of Cinema Trivia at The Fox. The subject for this round is Cult Films

Think you know movies? Actors? Directors? Oscar winners and famous flops? Cinema Trivia invites you to test how much you and your friends know about the big ...

PG | 120 mins

Soar through the skies with the Winner of the 1st Academy Award for Best Picture!

Wings not only won the first Oscar, it’s superbly choreographed stunt flying and aerial combat scenes have influenced hundreds of films to this day.
Two best friends enlist and go overseas seeking adventure and become heroic ...

G | 144 mins

The Fox is proud to be a host venue for HotDocs.
Visit for tickets & showtimes

PG | 90 mins

Featuring a Skype Chat with Director Brad Abrahams

David Huggins lost his virginity to an alien woman - among 100 other E.T. encounters - and chronicled it all in surreal paintings, few of which have ever been seen. This documentary is his story.

70 mins
Brad Abrahams
David Huggins

Dead Alive-Uncut (1992)
Dir. Peter Jackson
Starring: Tim Balme, Diana Penalver, Elizabeth Moody
When a bite from the fearsome Sumatran rat-monkey turns his over protective mother into a zombie, Lionel tries to keep her locked safely in the basement, but her repeated escapes turn most of the neighbors into the walking dead, who ...

R | 97 mins
Peter Jackson
Tim Balme
Diana Penalver
Elizabeth Moody

Saturday May 19th The Fox is going Royal!

Join us, royal fans and fellow expats for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Bring your friends and big hats & celebrate with us.

$7 bucks gets you a few baked goods from our pals at Life Is Sweet, and a cup of ...

G | 180 mins