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The Breakfast Club was made only eight years after Elvis Presley died.  That same year Wham!’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go was a massive hit.  Now, Wham! is played on the oldies stations that used to play Elvis Presley, and Elvis Presley gets played on the older oldies stations.  When songs like Jack & Diane, or Summer of ’69 are on the oldies stations, that means that movies like Back to the Future, or The Karate Kid have become oldies themselves.  These are the movies that parents today will be telling their kids they need to see.  The titles that meant so much to them when they were kids, much like James Bond and The Sound of Music so inspired their parents.  While each generation will claim that the films and music of their youth was vastly greater than any other, the fact of the matter is, each decade has its fair share of terrific music, and in this case terrific movies.  Except maybe the 1870’s, or the decades prior to that.  In the case of this month’s special festival week, we will be celebrating some of the titles that stand out from the 1980’s.  Now certainly there will be titles that we’ve missed.  We can’t play them all, but these titles serve as a good guide through what the 80’s offered to teens and young adults of the time, with one or two thrown in for the adults that are particularly gripping!


A festival celebrating the eighties would not be complete without a visit to Chicago with our friend John Hughes.  We celebrate the man and his teen focused films by screening Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, about a charismatic young man who can break all the rules and get away with it, and then spend a day with The Breakfast Club, about the kids who can’t get away with anything, and are stuck in detention.

Can’t you already here the sweet sounds of Don’t You Forget About Me by the Simple Minds?  No?  What about Lewis & the News?!  They featured pretty prominently in the story of another high schooler, Marty McFly in the Spielberg produced Back to the Future.  Spielberg who really arrived as a force in the 80’s also delivered one of his greatest when he paid tribute to the movies of his childhood with Raiders of the Lost Ark!


We also have a double bill of crazy action with Die Hard & Predator (“Get to the choppahhhh!!”), Some lessons with Mr. Myagi in the Karate Kid, and we take the highway to the danger zone with Tom Cruise in Top Gun!  It’s inconceivable that the Princess Bride hasn’t graced our screen in several years so we’ve invited Wesley and the gang back, and if that doesn’t give you the time of your life, then Swayze will help you out during a screening of Dirty Dancing!

And for those of you that like to celebrate the darker side of the 80’s, well we’ve got John Carpenter’ horrifying The Thing, and it doesn’t get much darker than David Lynch’s story of America’s dark underbelly: Blue Velvet. 


Swing by the Fox this July to experience some of the best this decade had to offer, and see these movies on the big screen the way you saw them 30 years ago.  And if it’s your first time, the rest of us are really excited that you have the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about!

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